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The events page stores all logs that are generated from the PEM from administrative actions on policies, clustering updates, to errors. Administrators can use the filters in the search bar to query specific items and select where events should be stored.

Field Description
MessageFilter search by the message body of the event
Minimum LevelFilter search by the level of severity for the event. Levels of event logs are determined by the PEM
CategoriesFilter search by the type of event
From this dateFilter search by the date range of the event


TargetLocation that will store all events generated by the PEM
Edit ButtonOpens a new page to create and/or select a new location to store events
Target TypeLocation events are stored. Different target types will have various parameters that the PEM requires to know where to forwards events to and/or authenticate. The default setting of "None" stores event logs in the PEM's internal elastic search

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