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MS Applications

This page is where you fill in the details to add a registered Microsoft Azure application to the PK Endpoint Manager that PKWARE agents can utilize. Before an application can be added on this page it must be defined in the Microsoft Azure tenant configuration first.

NameA string value that can match the related value created in the Microsoft Azure tenant

Tenant ID

A string value that must match the defined Microsoft Azure tenant. Example Tenant ID: 6574c610-008c-4501-83cd-8dfb9dfa0e07
Client IDA string value that must match what is defined in the registered application on the Microsoft Azure tenant. Example Client ID: 2634c620-2243-8657-09vc-mnvhy59dfa0e0
Client SecretThe secret that is generated when the application is registered or your own secret that was created for the specific application. 
Has Super User PermissionsAllows for the support of extended labeling operations. The super user for the application has the ability to read all protected content for this specific tenant that the applications is registered under.
ImportAllows for an administrator to upload an application configuration file that was created from an executed setup script provided by PKWARE
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