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After installing the PK Endpoint Manager (PEM) web application for use in your organization, there are a few pending action items that need to be configured for the system. PEM creates these action items for system administrators in the Actions tab.

Initial Set Up Actions

First and most important, you need to create your Server Identity Account. The site account is required to register PK Endpoint Manager with PKWARE and is also used for acquiring licenses from the PK Protect Cloud.

After getting your site registered with PKWARE and the PK Protect Cloud, configuring access to the Active Directory domain controller is required. As covered in the (19.2) Windows Server: Installation and Setup Guide, the PK Protect Manager needs to be running in Internet Information Server (IIS) on a Windows Server machine joined to the domain you are using for your organization. If you have several domain controllers and/or need to provide authentication to access Active Directory Domain Services, you can configure PK Protect to use a specific domain controller or set or credentials.

As your users begin to use PK Protect and Smartkeys, notifications and alerts can be sent via email. These emails will alert a user to a request for access to a Smartkey. The requester will receive an email when access is granted, and the owner of the Smartkey will receive an email alerting them to the pending request. To get email notifications set up within your organization, just configure the mail settings on the Basics page.

PK Endpoint Manager Approval System

PEM has a two-approval-based system for processing some change requests (such as adding new admins, deleting admins and editing policies). This means as one system administrator makes changes, more than likely another system administrator will need to approve this action. This two-approval system helps prevent from a bad actor making changes without review or approval.

When a new change request is generated, the Actions tab will show an alert (like in the example above). 

Description: A short explanation of the action\change that is pending,

Created By: The administrator who generated this change request.

Created: The date and time the change request was generated.


Approve - Approve the change.

Cancel - Denies the request. The denial is recorded; the request is added to the record.

Delete - Erases the existence of the request from the system.

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