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Admins of Linux-based PK Endpoint Managers can access daily reports with a variety of data from system logs.

If the Mail Settings are configured on The Basics page, this Daily Report can be emailed to a configurable list of recipients.

Daily Reports

These reports are Enabled by default. Click to disable.

Recipients: Enter the list of people to receive this Daily Report. Separate each email address with a comma.

Report Settings

Daily Report EnabledEnable/Disable daily reports by clicking "Yes" and "No"
Daily Report RecipientsAdd emails in this field if you'd like to email out daily reports. Separate emails by using commas
Daily Report In External ProcessDaily reports can be run as a process agnostic of the SMDS


The reports also identify potential issues on the system:

Bloat: Size issues with the database identified based on the amount of time the script takes to execute.

Rows in Tables: Number of rows created since the last report.

Top 10 Errors and Warnings: Delivered since the last report, with the Category of the Error/Warning.

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