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Adding Discovery Filter Bundles

Let's look at how to build that Personally Identifiable Information filter bundle.

  1. Click Add Discovery.
  2. Name the bundle Personally Identifiable Information.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to choose Address US.
  4. The threshold is the quantity of the pattern where PK Protect takes notice. Set a threshold of 10 for this pattern.
  5. Click Add to add these patterns: National Insurance Number UK, Social Security Number US and Tax ID US. Give each of them a Threshold of 1.

In this example, if a file is scanned and contains 5 US Addresses, no remediation action will be taken because the quantity is not found. A mailing list with 10 or more US addresses would be flagged for remediation. If a US Social Security Number is found 3 times, a remediation will take place.

In the Add Smart Filter Bundle screen, you may also add Exclusion and Inclusion Filters.

Save the bundle when complete.

Adding Redaction Filter Bundles

The steps to create a bundle where remediation means redacting text are similar to the Discovery Smart Filter Bundle. You do not have to set a threshold in the Redaction bundle.

  1. Click Add Redaction.
  2. Name the bundle.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to choose one or more Patterns.
  4. (Optional) Add Exclusion and Inclusion Filters.
  5. Save the new bundle.
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