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The TDE Agent is a software agent that enables transparent data encryption when running on a server. If a server does not have an active TDE agent, PK Protect TDE will not encrypt data on the server.

The Agent List

When you open the TDE Agents page, PEM Administrator displays a list of currently active agents. The list includes only TDE Agents which the current user has access to administer. Most of the fields included in the table is informational, but you can edit a few of them.

NameName of the agent.
AllowWhether the agent is currently active. Click the item to change the agent's status. That is, click Enabled to disable an agent.

Whether the agent has connected to the server and has the latest software version.

Last AccessedThe date of the last time the agent connected to the server. If the agent connected on this day, the column includes the timestamp.
CreatedThe date this agent was created. If the agent was created on this day, the column includes the timestamp.
ApplicationThe version of the Agent software and the platform it runs on.
Data CenterThe server location that this agent connects to.

Installing a TDE Agent

  1. Connect to the PEM Administrator as an administrator.
  2. Click TDE > Agents.
  3. Click Download TDE Agent Installer.

    Note: When you download the agent from the PK Protect TDE server, PK Protect bundles the installation package with the server settings so no further agent configuration is required after installation.

  4. When the download is complete, run the PK Protect TDE Application when prompted.  This will install two files, InstallTDE.exe and PK ProtectTDE.exe.

    Note: If you're installing the Agent on Linux, point the installer to /var/www/mds/App_Data/TDEInstallerParts.

  5. Another menu will appear prompting you to setup Transparent Data Encryption. Follow the instructions given to complete the setup.
  6. Restart your computer to implement the changes (Optional if this is a new install).
  7. When you return to PK Protect TDE Manager, you will be able to view your new TDE agent. This new TDE agent represents the server you are working with for transparent data encryption.

Copying TDE Agent

Copying a TDE Agent solely copies the configuration of the agent. You may want to copy your agent, for example, if you replace a machine with a large number of Smartpoints. Copying the TDE agent will save you time so you will not have to manually replace all of your Smartpoints.

To copy an agent's configuration, click the Copy link next to the relevant agent.

Deleting a TDE Agent

Deleting a TDE agent removes PK Protect Transparent Data Encryption software from the selected server.

To delete an agent, click the Delete link next to the relevant agent.

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