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A Distributed App Pool (Pool) is a set of machines used to distribute workload of a target. It allows PEM Administrator to be horizontally scaled and better handle large file repositories. Pools are platform specific i.e., you can either add multiple Windows or Linux machines, but not both. Only those devices running as a service can be added to a Pool.

Once created a Pool can be assigned to one or many targets. Targets contain a field called Rank which prioritizes targets inside a Pool. The lower the rank the higher priority. A Pool splits up workload evenly amongst its machines and will persistently track file changes. To ensure proper functionality, each local path specified in a target must exist on all machines in a specified Pool and must refer to the same underlying storage volume.

To access Pools, go to Device > Pools.

The following actions can be performed on every Pool:

  1. Edit – Allows you to edit the information of the selected Pool.

  2. Clone – Allows you to copy the configuration of an existing Pool, which can be edited without impacting the original one.

  3. Delete – Click this button if you want to delete the selected Pool.


The Distributed App Pools panel displays the list of all Pools defined in the PKWARE Administrator. The following is the description of the columns.

Column Name



This field displays name of the Pool specified.


This field specifies whether Pool is enabled. Yes, indicates that Pool is enabled and is available for selection in targets and No indicates that the Pool is disabled and is not available for selection in targets.


This field displays the supported platform of the added devices.


This field displays names of all the devices which are added in the Pool.

Updated At

This field displays the date when an Pool was updated.


Add a Distributed App Pool

To create a Pool, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Add Linux or Add Windows button to create a Windows or Linux based Pool respectively.

  2. Enter the name of the pool in the Name field.

  3. Check the Enabled checkbox to enable the Pool on Save.

  4. The Platform specifies the platform of the Pool. This is set based on the Add button selected.

  5. Enter the name of service the device is registered under in the App field. You can add multiple machines in this field. The pool of all devices will share the load of all targets to which it is assigned.

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