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Device profiles give customers the ability to assign a group of devices with a ‘Label(s)’. Labels can be used to identify groups of devices more easily, such as whether PCI system is ‘In Scope’ or ‘Out of Scope’. Labeling will track all the activities of the system and are noted by the DSI which can be further used in reports.

Following actions can be performed on every Device Profile:

  1. Devices - Click this button to view the list of all the devices which are assigned to the selected device profile.

  2. Edit - Allows you to edit the information of the selected device profile.

  3. Clone - Allows you to copy the configuration of an existing device profile, which can be edited without impacting the original one.

  4. Delete - Click this button if you want to delete the selected device profile detail.


Add a Device Profile

To add a device profile, follow the below steps:

  1. Enter unique name of the device profile in the Name field.

  2. If you want to make device profile tag visible in Device screen, check Enabled checkbox.

  3. Specify the IP ranges in the IP Range textbox. You can add multiple IP ranges.

  4. Enter the hostnames in the Hostnames field. You can add multiple hostnames.

  5. Enter the name of the labels in the Labels field. The labels are the tags that define each agent in the PEM Administrator environment.

  6. Click Save button to make the changes effective else click Cancel.

Devices are matched by IP Ranges and Hostnames using a bitwise AND.

Once device profile is saved, it will start reflecting in the Device Profile drop-down in the Device screen.


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