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Appliance 200v: Deployment Strategy

Appliance 200v: Deployment Strategy

For proof-of-concept and lab environments, a single appliance is supported. For production use, a minimum of two appliances is required. PKWARE recommends two appropriately-sized appliances per physical data center. For example:

  • A 10,000-user enterprise with east and west coast data centers could deploy a 4-appliance cluster. Virtual Data Centers would be defined to partition west coast and east coast users to the two appliances closest to them, with appropriate considerations made for an organization's Active Directory Organization Unit configuration strategy.
  • A 50,000-user enterprise with a large US production data center, US disaster recovery (DR) site and branch offices in Germany and and the UK could deploy six units. Two in the production data center, two at the DR site and one in each of the branch offices. The master database would reside in the production data center and during DR testing / recovery one of the slave units in the DR site would be promoted to master.
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