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Bulk Export

The Bulk Export page encompasses a centralized page to export objects which can be imported into another PEM Administrator environment. The current list of objects available for export are listed below.

  • Audit Log Policy

  • Authentication Policy

  • Azure Application

  • Azure Label

  • Dashboard

  • Data Security Intelligence Policy

  • Discovery Dictionary

  • Discovery Dictionary File

  • Discovery Filter Bundle

  • Discovery Regex

  • Distributed App Pool

  • Email Policy

  • Email Remediation Prompt

  • Email Remediation Action

  • Email Settings

  • File Filter

  • File Protection Policy

  • File Remediation Action

  • Log Forwarding

  • Performance Policy

  • Persistent Target

  • Redaction Filter Bundle

  • System Healthy Policy

To access this page, go to Advanced > Bulk Export.

The Export Objects panel displays the list of objects available for export inside in the PEM Administrator. Clicking on each object name will display the list of records. It also displays the date when the records were last updated. The Edit feature allows you to update the configuration of the selected record, if required.

To Export Objects

To export objects from the Bulk Export page, follow the below steps:

  1. Deselect any objects which you do not want to export by unchecking the checkbox available before the object name. By default, all objects are selected. Click Deselect All button to uncheck all objects and to select all objects click the Select All button.

  2. Click Export button. This will download all the listed objects in zip format typically found in the Downloads folder of the host machine.


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