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Bulk Import

The Bulk Import allows you to upload objects using a previously Bulk Exported file. This saves time as manually creating each object with the same configuration is time consuming. To access this page, go to Advanced > Bulk Import.

To Import Objects

To import the object list, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Choose File button to browse the downloaded zip file. The zip file contains the list of all objects which you want to upload in the PEM Administrator.

    Importing Object File screen

    A success message will appear if the selected file was traversed successfully.

  2. Review the Import Objects panel which displays the list of all objects and their records found in the import file. Clicking on each object name displays the list of records. If issues are found yellow and red icons will appear. These are issues that must be reviewed before importing. Below is a list of actions and issues that may appear.

    1. Reset assets – Indicates an asset is referenced inside an object; when reset the asset field will be cleared; when this pertains to an encryption key it is important to note that a blank asset field indicates that a user's private key will be used.

    2. Reset scope – Indicates a scope (users/groups) is referenced inside an object; users can enter a new user/group in the available textbox or reset scope will clear scope field.

    3. Reset apps – Indicates a device or app is referenced in object; resetting will clear these fields.

    4. No License – Indicates import contains objects not licensed in PEM Administrator; export must be recreated with objects PEM Administrator is licensed for.

  3. Once happy with the selected objects, select the appropriate import conflict method from the list below and click Finalize Import.

    1. Create - Creates new item; if a match on unique resource name is found, the item name will be appended with a number.

    2. Overwrite - Searches PEM Administrator for items with matching unique resource name; if a match is found, data on the existing item will be overwritten.

    3. Reuse - Searches PEM Administrator for items with matching unique resource name; if a match is found data on the existing item will not be overwritten.

  4. If import is successful a success message will appear, and objects will be present in the PEM Administrator.

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