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Quick Start

This page gives users the ability to start scanning quickly after installation by answering three simple questions: what data you want to discover, what platforms do you want to discover on and paths to scan. 

Based on the selections made by the user, a System Discovery Policy is automatically created. This includes the creation of a system discovery target, system discovery file protection policy and all dependent objects in the PEM Administrator.

The Quick Start page will disappear once a user has created a System Discovery Protection Policy for each platform. A System Discovery Policy can also be created by checking the System Discovery checkbox inside a target. Only one target per platform can have System Discovery checked.  

This policy is synced with any device running as a service. Devices not running as a service will not receive this policy. System Discovery Policies are very powerful and allow admins to start discovering sensitive data without specifying a local path. Simply deploy the PK Protect agent as a service, answer the three questions and start seeing immediate discovery events. 

To access Quick Start Page, click Policies > Quick Start.

To enable Quick Start Functionality

Follow the below steps to enable quick start functionality:

  1. Go to Quick Start page under Policies. Click the Start button.

  2. On clicking, it will display a list of three questions. Answer these questions according to your scanning requirements.

    1. In the first question, the user needs to opt for the discovery filter bundle based on which discovery needs to be performed. This field displays all the discovery filter bundles are created in the Discovery Bundle screen and all the discovery filter bundle templates.

    2. In the second question, the user needs to opt for the platform on which discovery will be performed.

    3. In the last question, the user must specify the paths where the scanning needs to be done. User may specify a local path or select from given six options:

      1. All

      2. Desktops

      3. Documents


      5. Homes


  3. Once you have answered all the three questions, click Save button to make the changes effective. On saving the changes, a System Discovery File Protection Policy and Target will get created in the Protection Policies and Targets screen, respectively.

  4. If you do not wish to save the changes, click Cancel button.

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