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Windows Server: Hardware System Requirements

The following table lists sizing recommendations for PEM Administrator instances based on your average use cases and hardware demands. The specific recommendations for your company depend on the specific growth type, intensity and use cases. We recommend that you collaborate with one of our Sales Engineers to receive a specific recommendation. If you're interested in more information, please contact us.

  • PoC / Small Scale: Suitable for proof-of-concept, test or development environment.  App/DB server on same system is fine. 
  • Medium Scale: Consider using medium App/DB server instances with multiple cores and fast access to disk. 
  • Large ScaleRecommend using high processing power (e.g. dual quad core or higher) and ensuring high I/O performance to disk.

High availability and fail over recommendations:

PK Protect Application

  1. Configure a farm (two or more identical application servers running in separate operating system server instances)
  2. Use memcached for real time sharing of authentication tokens and other time-sensitive data between servers in the farm.
  3. Use a load balancer that can detect and react to lost application server instances quickly. Alternatively, you can load balance with DNS. Note: this still requires memcached.
  4. For memcached failover (if required), configure a memecached farm.

PK Protect Database
  1. Setup MS SQL Server cluster

Sizing PoC / Small ScaleMedium ScaleLarge Scale
Data Security Intelligence Enabled

Active / Concurrent Users
(Assumes 2.5 devices per user) 


(User and Admin generated)

Security Policies~55001000
Application Server CPU2vCPU2x 4vCPU4x 4vCPU
Application Server Memory4GB>8GB>16GB
Database Server CPU2vCPU4vCPU8vCPU
Database Server Memory4GB16GB64GB
Database Server Disk Space~ 4GB/mo40GB/mo 
Data Security Intelligence Disabled
Active / Concurrent Users
(Assumes 2.5 devices per user)

(User and Admin generated)

Smartkeys created per month200400020,000
Secuirty Policies550 100
Application Server CPU2vCPU2vCPU2vCPU
Application Server Memory4GB4GB4GB
Database Server CPU2vCPU2vCPU~2vCPU
Database Server Memory> 100MB1-5GB10GB
Database Server Disk Space~1GB2GB

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