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Custom Discovery Dictionary

You can identify your own patterns for Discovery to flag. Choose keywords, define a regular expression, or create a Dictionary file to upload.

  1. Click Patterns from the main Discovery page. A list of any existing custom patterns appears.
  2. Click Add Custom Dictionary
  3. Name this dictionary
  4. Type each word to flag in the Keywords field.

    You can also create a list of words and/or phrases to include as a pattern in a spreadsheet or text editor. Save that list as a CSV file.  Each entry should be enclosed in quotation marks (such as “My Entry”). Do not use commas inside the entry. To include this list as a pattern dictionary, click Browse to identify the file, then load the dictionary file into PK Protect. File-based import will allow for 200k+ line delimited entries.

  5. Use the checkboxes to Match Whole Phrase and/or Match Case for the defined keywords
  6. Click Save when all the keywords and phrases are included
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