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This screen lets you configure the Azure settings in PEM Administrator, as a part of using PKWARE’s Double Key Encryption (DKE) feature.

To configure azure settings, go to Advanced > Admins.

Below table provide the description for the settings:



InstanceThis identifies the Azure environment that you are going to connect with.


This field contains the URL to access your Azure environment. Most organizations use the following standard URL:

If you are running a specialized Azure environment, you may have a different authority URL. Refer to the Microsoft documentation for more details.


The URL specified in this field is passed to identity platform, which authorizes a client application to obtain access to the Web APIs.  The URL should match to the JWT Audience URL provided in the DKE image shown here. The authorization URL should look something like this:

Tenant issuers

An Azure AD tenant can have multiple unique issuer values. Refer to Microsoft documentation for more information on finding your tenant issuer link. Given below is an example of what it looks like:

Admin Tenant IDGUID that represents the Tenant ID for the Azure app that you are accessing. 
Admin Client IDGUID that represents the Client ID for the Azure app that you are accessing. 

Adding or Updating the Azure Settings

To update the Azure settings, click the Edit button in the Azure Settings panel to open the Azure Configuration window.

Adding or Updating Tenant Issuers Details

To add details of the Tenant Issuers, click the Add button. This opens the Issuer window where you can add the issuer’s URL. You can add multiple tenant URL(s) in this field.

To update or delete the details for the Issuer, click Edit or Delete button respectively.

Click Save button to save the details else, click Cancel button.

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