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Discovery Bundles

PKWARE provides predefined patterns to help discover sensitive data throughout an organization. These patterns can be organized into bundles to help categorize -types of patterns that apply to specific discovery and/or remediation activities. E.g., if you want to discover Personally Identifiable Information (PII), you can create a ‘PII’ bundle and include patterns like social security numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses and Tax ID numbers.

The following actions can be performed on Filter Bundles:

  1. Edit – Allows you to edit the patterns, thresholds, inclusions and exclusions associated with a bundle.
  2. Clone – Allows you to copy the configuration of an existing bundle, which can be edited without impacting the original bundle.
  3. Delete – Allows you to delete the filter bundle. 

Discovery Filter Bundles 

A discovery filter bundle contains a combination of patterns and thresholds. The threshold is minimum number of occurrences a sensitive element appears in a file before discovery acts on it. Different threshold values can be assigned to ach pattern included in a filter bundle Multiple  patterns can be included in a single filter bundle. To add a discovery filter bundle, execute the following steps:

  1. Click Add This opens the Add Discovery Filter Bundle panel.
  2. Enter the name of the filter bundle in the Name
  3. Select the pattern from the Pattern drop-down. To add multiple patterns within the same bundle, click Add button.
  4. Set the threshold for each selected pattern. By default, the value is set to 1. You can increase or decrease the threshold. .
  5. The Exclusion field allows you to enter the patterns you wish to exclude while scanning.
  6. The Inclusion field allows you to specify the patterns you wish to include while scanning.
  7. Click Save button to save the details.

Discovery Filter Bundles Templates

The Discovery Filter Bundles Templates allows an administrator to create a clone of an existing discovery bundle. It reduces the configuration time as it clones the exact information of the template.

There are five templates that can be leverage.

  1. All Supported Credit Cards
  2. HIPAA - Diagnosis Lexicon and Social Security Numbers
  3. PCI-DSS - Credit Cards and Social Security Numbers
  4. Personally Identifiable Information
  5. SSNs

Following actions can be performed on the templates:

  1. View: This allows you to view the details of pre-defined templates.
  2. Clone: This allows you to clone the configuration details of an existing discovery bundle.
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