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PK Protect for Microsoft 365 (M365) gives users the ability to detect and protect sensitive files stored in the cloud repositories. The current supported cloud repositories are OneDrive and SharePoint cloud. Sensitive files stored in these repositories will be detected and remediated based on the specified action.  Delete, Report and Redact are the supported remediations.

To use this feature, you need to first install PK Cloud Agent and then setup PK Protect for M365 Agent in PEM Administrator. Following are the configuration required for setting up and executing a target using Cloud Agent.

  1. Installing PK Cloud Agent

  2. Setup M365 Agent in PEM Administrator

    1. Agent

    2. Azure

    3. Connector

    4. Azure Functions

    5. Local Agent

  3. Protection Policies

  4. Targets

Installing PK Cloud Agent

An agent is required to manage connections and file state of M365 cloud repositories. To install the PK Cloud Agent, perform the following steps:

  1. Run the PK_Cloud_Agent_x.x.x_x64.exe file on a Windows machine.

  1. A prompt will appear asking permission for installing PK Cloud Agent. Select Yes to continue.

  1. A prompt may appear for Microsoft .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime. It is a must to run the PK Cloud Agent. Click Install if prompted.

If the system has .NET 7.0 Desktop Runtime installed, the installation may fail. In this case, install NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime manually and attempt the installation again.

  1. Accept the license agreement and click Next to continue.

  1. Input the PEM Administrator’s MDS URL to connect and click Next to continue.

  1. Select the Setup Type from the given options for installation and click Next to continue. It is recommended to opt for Complete option.

  1. Click Install to begin the installation process.

  1. Click Finish to close the installer window.


Once the installation has been done successfully, PK Cloud Agent windows service will get installed, and agent will appear under the Clouds > Agents tab in PEM Administrator.

If agent does not appear in the Agents screen, it can be accessed via Clouds > Agents tab of the PEM Administrator. Ensure that the Windows Service is up and running. If the Windows service is not running, start the services or in case if it is running and still you encounter this issue then try restarting the services.

Setting up PK Protect for M365 Agent in PEM Administrator

Once the installation has been done successfully, the next step is to create azure app registration. Add azure functions and define connectors, which will bridge the gap between the PEM ecosystem and cloud repositions. To do so, first access the Agents page and ensure that the recently installed PK Cloud Agent is up, running and reflecting on the Agents screen.

Perform the remaining configurations mentioned below in the Cloud screen:

  1. Agents

  2. Azure

  3. Connectors

  4. Azure Function

  5. Local Agent

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