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Configuring Zipx for Use with PKWARE Mobile

Section 1: Following configuration steps to configure the PKWARE Outlook Plugin to create zipx files when automatically encrypting email attachments:

  1. Navigate to Archive > Policy Settings
  2. In the ‘General’ section configure the following
    1. Select zipx from the ‘Mobile File Format’ pulldown list.
    2. Select the checkbox (enable) ‘Reset Client Defaults’.
  3. In the ‘Outlook Plugin Behavior Settings’ section configure the following
    1. Enter ‘zipx’ in the field following the ‘Default ZIP Name’ setting.
  4. After the Agent syncs with the PEM Administrator, the policy changes will be picked up by the client and it will begin generating zipx files when encrypting email attachments.

*Note: Restart Outlook to ensure settings take full effect. 

Section 2: To have previously encrypted files that are attached to an email message be converted to zipx files, please ensure the following configuration is present in addition to the sets reference above.

  1. Navigate to Archive > Policy Settings page with the section for "Outlook Plugin Behavior Settings.
  2. Select ‘Allowed (default on) from the ‘Re-Encrypt Attachments’ pulldown list.

*Note: With this setting, if an end-user attaches an encrypted zip file to an email message, when sent it will be re-encrypted with the zipx file extension. 

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