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Discovery Config

Using this screen, admins can configure the global discovery settings that apply to all discovery remediation actions when triggered. It also provides the ability to import and export discovery bundles. To access this screen, go to Discovery > Config in PEM Administrator. 

Discovery Global Settings 

This panel provides a set of properties to customize the discovery engine settings. Click Edit button to edit the value of the listed properties. 

Following is the description of the settings: 

Agent Scanning Priority

Select the discovery agent’s scanning priority from the drop-down. This drop-down list four options:

  • Low - This is the default selected option. 
  • Normal 
  • Below Normal 
  • Idle 

Thes options designate the priority the Discovery Agent will use when scans occur while the other applications are running. 

Idle option can be selected only when the device is not being used by another application. 

Scan MetadataSelecting this option will allow the discovery agent scan file metadata properties during discovery. 
Scan Alternate Data StreamsSelecting this option will have the discovery agent scan alternate data streams (such as zone identifiers) of the file during discovery.
Target Content in MS - Office File FormatsSelect this option if you want the discovery agent to focus its activities on MS-Office files formats only such as ‘.doc’ and ‘.xls’.
Rescan on UpgradeSelecting this option will cause the discovery agent to rescan all the files in assignments and lockers, each time its upgraded.
Use Legacy EngineAgents can be instructed to use the legacy PKWARE discovery engine, or the new PKWARE discovery engine

Importing and Exporting Bundle Packs

You can move the existing filter bundles from one PEM Administrator instance to another, by importing or exporting them.

Exporting Discovery Bundle Packs

To export a filter bundle, execute the following steps:

  1. Click the Export button. The Export Bundle Pack window appears.
  2. Enter the name for the file which will contain the chosen filter bundle(s).
  3. Choose the desired filter bundle(s) from Filter Bundles drop-down.
  4. Click Export. A zip file is created and exported to the Downloads folder of your PC. The zip contains the csv file which contains the details of the bundle like the pattern name, threshold, inclusions, or exclusions if any, etc.
  5. Click Cancel to return to the Config page.

Importing Discovery Bundle Packs

To import a filter bundle, execute the following steps:

  1. Click the Import button. The Import Bundle Pack window appears
  2. Click Choose File button to browse for the zip file containing the exported bundle.
  3. Click Import to import the bundle. The new bundle will be visible on the Bundles screen that can be accessed via Discovery > Bundles.
  4. Click Cancel to cancel the import process and return to the Config page.

Before importing any bundle, PEM Administrator checks the existence of a bundle with the same name within the instance. You'll get an error if a bundle with the same name exists. Only unique named filter bundles can be imported into the system. 

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