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Forced Upgrade

Forced upgrades are designed to meet requirements of specific clients to check in and install new updates. When a forced upgrade policy is defined, user is blocked from using an older version of client application until they upgrade to a version equal to or newer than what’s defined as the minimum version. 

Adding Forced Upgrade

To define a forced upgrade, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Add button to configure the upgrade. This opens Forced Upgrade panel.

  2. Select the application which needs to be upgraded. The drop-down list down all available options.

  3. Select the type of platform for forced upgrades. Platforms that have communicated with the server will appear in the drop-down.

  4. Enter the minimum version that must be selected according to the platform type. Since different platforms have different versioning.

  5. Enter the URL that client uses for the upgrade.

  6. Click Save button to save the upgrade details else click Cancel.

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