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How to perform Transparent Data Encryption

This section of the page elaborates the process of performing Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). Following are the steps:

  1. The first step is to download the TDE Agent from TDE > Agents screen. The installer by default gets downloaded in the Downloads folder of the host machine.

  2. In second step, install the TDE Agent on the host machine. Once the agent is installed successfully, a new service can be seen under the Services tab of the Task Manager window namely, SmartcryptTDE_Agent. To know more on how to install TDE Agent, refer TDE Installation.

 If TDE Agent is not visible on the Agents screen, contact PKWARE Support team.

  1. After the installation, the next step is to create a TDE key. This key will be used for encryption or decryption purpose. You can even make use of an existing TDE Key by clicking Import/Export button. To know more on how to create a TDE key, refer Create TDE Key.

  2. Once a TDE Key is defined, create a Smartpoint Policy to protect folder on the desktop of the host machine. Smartpoint policies are nothing but a set of rules that tell the PK Protect Agent that how to operate. To know more on how to create a Smartpoint Policy, refer Create Smartpoint Policies.

  3. The last step is to create a Smartpoint which is a combination of both TDE Key and Smarpoint Policies. This combination is applied to one agent for a specific path. To know more on how to create a Smartpoint in PEM instance, refer Add a Smartpoint in PEM Instance.

View Results

Once the PEM Agent is synced, the Smartpoints are protected with the actions specified while creating access policies. You can even view the results in the Reporting section where DSI report is generated.

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