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PK Cloud Agent - Azure

Using this screen, you can create an azure app registration which is necessary to manage azure related apps, connections, and functions. The panel displays the list of all azure app registrations which were created by the user.  To delete or edit the details of the application, click Delete or Edit button respectively. To refresh the information shown within the panel, click Refresh button. To access the Azure page, go to Cloud > Azure.


Following is the description of the columns.

Column Heading



This field displays the name of the azure object.   

Client App Name

This field displays name of the client app specified while adding an azure application.

Client App Id

The value in this field is client tenant ID. 

Application Type

The value in this field displays the chosen cloud application type i.e., OneDrive or SharePoint.


This field displays the status of the app registration.

Updated At

This field displays date / time at which the app was last updated.

Creating Azure App Registration

 To create an azure app registration, fill in the required details and click Save


Following is the description of the fields.

Column Heading



This field specifies name of the azure object. 

Application Types

This field displays the cloud repositories to be connected to. The selections will impact the API permissions requested by the app registration. OneDrive and SharePoint are the supported application types. 

Client Tenant ID

This field specifies the customer azure tenant ID. The app registration will be created in the specified tenant ID. 

Client App Na

This field displays the name of the azure app registration. This can be modified to any unique name.


This field contains the app registration status. Once the app has been created successfully, open the listed application in Edit mode. It will reflect the updated status with detailed information.  

 Upon saving the entries, the status will continue to change to provide updated information on the app registration.


Grant Admin Consent

Before the app can be used, it must be granted admin consent by azure global admin. A Grant admin consent link will appear in the Status column. An azure global admin can only grant the consent by login to azure tenant and granting permissions by clicking Accept button.

Only Azure Global Admin has right to grant the access to an app. This can be done by clicking the Accept button when the admin login to your azure tenant.

Another way to grant permission to an app is via Azure portal. Search the name of the app in the search box and click the Grant Admin Consent under API Permissions screen. 


The last step is to give proper rights to an azure subscription in the app registration. This needs to be done manually by following the below steps:

  1. Login to Azure portal, go to Subscriptions > Access Control (IAM).

  1. Click + Add and select Add role assignment.

  1. In the Role screen, opt for Privileged administrator roles option and select Owner.

  1. Go to Members tab in the same screen. Click + Select members, this will open the Select members panel to the right of the screen. Now, opt for the app registration created in the above steps.

  1. Now, go to Conditions sub tab in the Add Role Assignment and opt for Allow User to assign all roles (highly privileged) option.

  1. Lastly, go to Review + Assign screen and view all the details which you have entered in previous sub tabs. Once reviewed, click Review + Assign button.


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