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PK Cloud Agent - Connectors

Connectors are a way of connecting agents to the cloud repositories. The Cloud Connectors panel displays the list of all cloud repositories installed in the PKWARE ecosystem. To access Connectors page, go to Cloud > Connectors.

 To delete or edit the connectors, click Edit or Delete button respectively.


Following is the description of the columns.

Column Heading



This field specifies name of the cloud connector. 

Cloud Service

This field displays name of the cloud service opted while creating a cloud connector. OneDrive and SharePoint are the supported cloud services. 

Auth Scheme

This field specifies the method used for authentication process. 

Updated At

This field displays the date/time when the connector was last updated.

Adding a Connector

To add a connector, click Add button in the Cloud Connectors screen.


Following is the description of the fields:

Column Heading



Enter name for the cloud connector. 

Cloud Service

Select cloud service from the given options i.e., OneDrive or SharePoint. 

Azure Client Application

This field displays azure client app based on the cloud service selected.

SharePoint Edition

This field displays SharePoint edition on selecting the Cloud Service as SharePoint.

Auth Scheme

Select the method to be used for authentication process. 

OAuth Grant Type

This field displays authorization grant type.

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