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PK Cloud Agent

The Cloud Agents panel displays a list of all agents installed in the PEM ecosystem. You can enable or disable agent by toggling the value displayed in the Allow column. To delete or edit the details of the listed agent from the panel, click Delete or Edit button respectively.  To access the Agents page, go to Cloud > Agents.


Following is the description of columns.                                                                                                 

Column Heading



This field displays the name of the device where agent was installed. 


This field indicates whether the agent is enabled or disabled. To enable or disable agent, click the text to toggle between enable and disable. When enabled, it is allowed to connect, synchronize policy, and execute policy. 

Last Accessed

The date in this field indicates the time/date at which the agent was last accessed and authenticated with PEM Administrator. 


This field displays time/date when the agent was created. 


This field displays the version of the agent along with the platform on which it was installed. 

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