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Redaction Bundles

Redaction is the process of removing, by obfuscation, sensitive information found in a file. Redaction works along with the discovery, such that a corresponding redaction bundle must be created to match a discovery bundle, If you wish to redact a specific set of information that discovery finds.

To add a redaction filter bundle, following are the steps:

  1. Click Add button. This opens Add Redaction Filter Bundle screen.

  2. Enter the name of the filter in the Filter Name field.

  3. Select the pattern to be redacted from the Pattern dropdown. You can add multiple patterns within the same bundle by clicking Add button.

  4. Select the type of redaction to be applied on the selected pattern. A list of patterns is described in Redaction Types table.

  5. The Exclusion field lets you enter the pattern you wish to exclude while scanning.

  6. The Inclusion field allows you to specify the pattern you wish to include while scanning.

  7. Click Save button to save the details else click Cancel.

Following are the different Redaction Types:

Redaction Type


All Characters

This will redact all the characters for the selected patterns including special characters.

All Characters, Last 4 Unredacted

This will redact all characters except the last 4 for the selected pattern.

Alphanumeric Characters

This will redact only the alphanumeric characters for the selected pattern. Special Characters for example are not redacted.

Alphanumeric Characters, Last 4 Alphanumeric Unredacted

This will redact all the alphanumeric characters except the last 4 characters for the selected pattern.

Credit Card - PCI Redaction

This will redact the ‘middle six’ digits from credit card numbers as per the Payment Card Industry (PCI) best practices.

Email - Alphanumeric in Prefix, Suffix Unredacted

This will redact alphanumeric characters in the prefix of the email but will not redact the characters in the suffix of the email.

Redaction Filter Bundles Templates

The Redaction Bundle Template allows an administrator to create a clone of an existing redaction bundle. It reduces the amount of configuration time as it clones the exact information of the template.

There are two redaction templates.

  1. Redact All Supported Credit Cards

  2. Redact SSNs

Following actions can be performed on the templates:

  1. View: This allows you to view the details of pre-defined templates.

  2. Clone: This allows you to clone the configuration details of an existing redaction bundle.

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