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The Reports tab provides access to the Daily Report that gives a variety of information about the PEM Administrator environment. The report can be viewed in the Advanced > Reports tab and can be emailed to specified recipients if the Mail Settings are configured on the Basics page.

If the instance is installed on Linux-based system, admins can access reports from system logs.


This panel displays the list of all reports generated on daily basis.

Following is the description of columns present in the panel.

Column Name



This column displays the name of the report. The nomenclature for a report name is Daily <date>.

Updated At

This column displays the date or timestamp when the report was generated.

Viewing the Daily Report

To view detailed information about a report, click the View link A new screen appears that displays details for the selected report. This report provides information about the system configurations (like application version, database version, account email, etc.), details of activities performed by the users, and other relevant details about PEM Administrator.

Report Settings

This panel displays settings to configure the daily reports. These are described as below.



Daily Report Enabled

Use this setting to enable or disable the generation of daily reports.  By default, this value is enabled.

Daily Report Recipients

Enter the email address(s) of the recipients for the daily reports. Separate the recipient emails by using commas.

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