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Support - Client Log Retrieval

This page allows administrators to troubleshoot the client issues by retrieving the Agent logs. To access this page, go to Archive > Support. The following actions can be on uploaded logs:

  1. Edit – Allows the configuration of the log retrieval task to be edited.
  2. Delete – Deletes the log retrieval configuration.
  3. Manage – Provides a list of devices assigned to each log retrieval configuration. For more information on assigning a device to log retrieval, refer to Managing Log Retrievals.

Setting up Client Log Retrieval

To configure a device for log retrieval, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Add button to add a new log retrieval assignment. This opens Add Log Retrieval
  2. Enter the name of the log retrieval assignment in the Name
  3. Select the platform of the device from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter full Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path of the destination folder where the logs are to be delivered.
  5. Select the Transfer Logs Immediately checkbox to retrieve the logs instantly, or uncheck this option, if you wish to define a timeframe after which the logs will be collected
  6. Select the Trace checkbox if you want to include trace file with the log data.
  7. Click Save button to save the details.

Viewing Log Retrieval

The Log Retrieval panel display the list of all requests generated for retrieving logs. Following is the description of columns:




This field displays the name of the log retrieval assignment.


This field displays the operating system of the device from which the logs were collected


This displays the UNC path of the destination folder where logs are uploaded.


This field displays the amount of time, in minutes, of logs that were collected


This field indicates whether trace has been configured for each log assignment

Created At

This field displays the date and time when the retrieval instance was created.

Updated At

This field displays the date and time, when the retrieval instance was updated.


This field displays the number of logs retrieval instances that have been configured, but not yet started


This field displays number of log retrievals in process.


This field displays the number of log retrievals completed.


This field displays number of completed jobs with issues. If there is any problem accessing or retrieving the logs a number appears in this column.

Managing Log Retrievals

The Manage button in the Log Retrieval panel allows administrator to view and assign the devices from which logs will be retrieved. To assign a device for log retrieval, execute the following steps:

  1. Click Manage This opens the Devices assigned to Log Retrieval screen.
  2. Click Add button to view the list of all devices.
  3. Select the desired device(s) from which logs are to be
  4. Click Assign button after device selection is made.

Once the process is complete, the assigned device is displayed in the Log Retrieval panel.

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