Product Version Summary

Smartcrypt Manager

(Appliance / Windows)


Windows TDE Learn Mode and Policy Creation

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Manager Regenerate SSH and SSL Keys
  • Hide Learn Mode Options on older TDE Agent
  • Fixed Typo in HSM Upgrade Script logic
Smartcrypt Archive Client 15.50.57 Support Discovery Regex Exclusion Filters

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Discovery not scanning metadata 
  • Windows Explorer "Tags" column does not populate properly on Windows Server 2012
Smartcrypt TDE Client 2.2.12

Updated OSR Driver

  • Volume Shadow Copies
  • Performance improvements

TDE Learn Mode and Policy Creation

  • Watch and report which users and applications are accessing files in a Smartpoint
  • Policy can be auto-created from things that are learned
Smartcrypt SDK 2018.2

Smartcrypt SDK - .NET Structured

Classifier 118062

Power Classifier

  • Ability to classify AES encrypted archives

Bug Fixes

  • Having to install Windows applications in a particular order