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Smartcrypt Manager

(Appliance / Windows)


Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Active Directory bug fixes for duplicate sAMAccountNames in children domains
  • leaning up SDK's App Key internal metadata
  • Error on Exiting cluster on Linux SEM
  • Error Forwarded Smartkey for Guest Accounts
  • UX Improvement: Standardized UX on Devices, Lockers, Users screens
  • Performance Improvement: Improved queries for large data sets in Manager devices/ accounts


Smartcrypt Archive Client15.60.12

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Discovery Bug Fixes
    • Multiple "Includes" are treated as "any" instead of "all"
    • Diners Club label missing in DSI
    • Multiple Scans on Locker startup
  • Locker / Assignment Fixes
    • Failed remediation only log once
    • Missing folders created if missing
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