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Smartcrypt Manager

(Appliance / Windows)



  • SEM runs in Dot Net Core framework on Appliance and Windows
  • SNMP Server for SEM events for monitoring system via SNMP

Bug Fixes

  • Rearranging Remediation on an Assignment

  • Modifying Discovery Filter while assigned in policy

Smartcrypt Archive Client

(Windows / Mac / Linux )


15.80.0018 (win)


15.80.18 (mac)

Bug Fixes

  • Discovery saving directly into Smartpoint

  • Redaction fixes to support excluded cards
  • Fix to follow Discovery Global setting on when to re-scan on upgrade
  • Assignment settings not updating properly as metadata changes
  • High IOPS when running Lockers / Assignments
  • Broke support running Smartcrypt in AppV
Smartcrypt For Android1.1.404

Bug Fixes

  • Decryption without access App Crash

  • New Smartkey error
Smartcrypt For iOS1.4.44

Bug Fixes

  • Archive name causing iOS Mail failure to "Open In"

  • Fix archive names to remove periods, even if user manually enters them.

Windows TDE Agent



  • New naming scheme to support downloading many versions of the TDE installer
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