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Desktop TDE: Installation

To start the installation of Desktop TDE, run the executable provided by your PKWARE representative and follow the table below.



WIndows Prompt to allow device to make changes

Click "Yes" to progress through the installation.

Program Might Harm Computer prompt is shown

You may receive an error like the one to the left. When the TDE installer is downloaded, the SEM will create a custom bundled installer on the fly, so it is expected to see warnings from Windows about the unsigned installer. Click, "Run anyway".

InstallShield Prompt with user hitting next

Click "Next" to continue to the next screen of the InstallShield Wizard

Select "Complete" and click "Next"

Last Install prompt to click install

Click, "Install" to install Smartcrypt Desktop TDE on your machine.

Clicking Install Once More in the Install Shield

Installation has finished, click "Finish" to exit the InstallShield Wizard

Restart Prompt is shown with user clicking yes

In order for Smartcrypt Desktop TDE to function properly after an install, restart the machine.

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