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How to split an archive

if you are sending a large archive to a recipient who cannot accept large attachments, you can split the archive in to pieces that can be sent individually


If you only need to split an archive once, you can do it temporarily.

  1. Right click on the file you wish to split and select Add to New Archive
  2. Click the dropdown box for split size and select from the list or use the custom size option to specify your own value
  3. Enter a password, select a certificate to encrypt or click skip for no encryption
  4. You will now see the pieces that you can email individually.  To reassemble, place all the pieces in the same folder and then double click on the zip file to reassemble.


You can change the default setting to always split your archives at a predetermined size

  1. Go into PKZIP/SecureZIP options
  2. Expand General and select Advanced
  3. Click on the dropdown and select a size from the list
  4. Or enter your own custom value



Make sure you have all the pieces in the same folder before clicking on the .zip file.

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